Tenant Services

I am a Tenant

Our long-established residential Lettings Department handles a large number of properties across South Wales and provides expert tenant support.

We have a long standing policy of handling only good quality and well maintained properties which has earned us a high level of respect amongst our Landlords and Tenants alike.

If you are looking to rent with us, please view our gallery of available rental properties. If you are looking for a specific property and cannot find what you are looking for, please call our team and register your requirements, so that we can contact you should a suitable property become available.

We offer our Tenants Propertyfile which allows you 24 hour access, 7 days a week, to easily report maintenance issues and allow you access to important tenancy information.


Essential Information

Administration/Application Process

We would always recommend researching the area and property prior to commencing with the tenancy. We will obtain references from your employer and a previous/current Landlord if applicable (a guarantor may also be required*). In addition, some Landlord(s) request copies of bank statements. You will need to provide personal and photographic identification (such as a passport, driving licence and utility bills). Once the necessary checks have been completed, you will be advised if your application is acceptable or unacceptable.  *  A guarantor would be a person who is prepared to become legally bound to a tenancy agreement. Their main responsibility would be to step in financially and pay any rent due in the event a tenant(s) has defaulted on paying the rent.  Please note, they must be UK based and would be referenced separately to the tenant(s).

To download the pre-tenancy application form, please click here.

Tenancy Agreement

A Tenancy Agreement will be drawn up either on a short or long term basis and details will be agreed between the parties for commencement dates and rent payment due dates. The relevant documentation will need to be signed by the Tenant(s) and Landlord(s)/Agent. You will be informed prior to the Tenancy Agreement being signed whether the property will be managed by us or managed by the Landlord.


This is made up as follows:

  • On signing the tenancy agreement one month’s rent and the agreed deposit (bond) will be required in cleared funds.
  • Rent is due on the anniversary date of the commencement of the tenancy.

Inventory/Schedule of Condition

We will undertake and produce a detailed inventory of the property together with a "Schedule of Condition" prior to the tenant(s) moving into the property. Sufficient time and opportunity will be allowed for the tenant(s) to check the documents for any discrepancies. When a tenant(s) vacates the property a detailed inventory and check out report will be completed and a report issued to the tenant(s).


Your deposit will be held by The DPS (Deposit Protection Service) under the Custodial Scheme

Insurance/Council Tax/Utilities

We will notify the relevant Council, water and utility companies of the move; however, the tenant(s) will be responsible for notifying any telephone providers, arranging contents insurance and any other additional services they require.

Tenant(s) Obligations

The law implies a condition into every tenancy agreement that the tenant(s) must use their home in a ‘tenant-like’ way. This applies whether you have a written or an oral tenancy agreement. This generally means:

  • doing minor repairs yourself, such as changing fuses and light bulbs.
  • keeping your home reasonably clean.
  • not causing any damage to the property and making sure your visitors don’t cause any damage.
  • using any fixtures and fittings properly, ( e.g. not blocking a toilet by flushing something unsuitable down it).

The tenancy agreement may also set out some express terms on what your responsibilities are for repairs.  For example, that you are responsible for decorating your home.

Property Inspections

With our management service we are required to carry out regular visits to the property. The main purpose of such visits is to check the property is being kept to a standard the Landlord(s) would require and to give the tenant(s) the opportunity to make us aware of any potential problems.

Emergency Maintenance

Should you have any maintenance issues, please contact our office by email martine.harris@harrisbirt.co.uk or alternatively contact 07786 395782 (David Lakin) by text or WhatsApp and await a response.

End of Tenancy

At the end of the tenancy an Inventory and Final Report will be carried out (the tenant(s) has the right to be present for this, if they would like to do so). If there are any defects or damage to the property, these will be brought to the tenant(s) attention and quotes will be obtained to rectify the issue and money will be requested from the deposit to cover this. If no issues are noted the full deposit will be returned to the tenant(s).

There are certain payments that are charged by us to the tenant(s), these are as follows:-


If you are renting a property that is on our full management scheme, the following will be applicable:-

  • On signing the tenancy agreement one month’s rent and the agreed deposit (bond) will be required in cleared funds. Your deposit will be held by The DPS (Deposit Protection Service) under the Custodial Scheme.
  • Rent is due monthly in advance from the date the tenancy commences.

If you are renting a property that is on tenant(s) Finders only scheme, the following will be applicable:-

  • On signing the tenancy agreement one month’s rent and the agreed deposit (bond) will be required in cleared funds.

Tenant Fee Abolishment 2019

As per new guidance issued in June 2019. The Bill is now an Act of Parliament and known as the Tenant Fees Act 2019. The Tenant Fees Act outlines the Government's approach to banning letting fees paid by tenant(s) in the private rented sector and capping tenancy deposits. The ban on tenant(s) fees came into force on 1 June 2019.