Ingram Evans

Property Surveys

If you need a survey on a residential property then our associated company, Ingram Evans, can assist you.  

Ingram Evans is a firm of RICS regulated Chartered Surveyors which only employs experienced and qualified RICS members to carry out surveys so you can rely on high standards of expertise and professionalism. 

Surveys are essentially a health check for houses. If you are buying a property you should have a survey completed before entering into a contract. Your home is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make, so you need to know as much as you can about the property before purchasing it. 

Ingram Evans offers two main types of survey:-


RICS Homebuyers Report

This is the most common form of survey suitable for the majority of conventional houses and includes a Market Value and a Reinstatement figure for insurance purposes.

Building Survey

This is a more detailed survey than a Homebuyers Report and is specifically aimed at properties of unusual construction or those in dilapidated condition and in need of repair.

The building survey would not normally include a Market Value or Reinstatement figure but these could be included on request. 

To request a quotation or to enquire further, please contact Ingram Evans on 02920 614411 or email:

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