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Attention Landlords! Introducing RentOnTime

It is a sign of the times that approximately 26% of landlords in the UK could not afford to pay their mortgage if the rent on their rental property was received late by more than 5 days and in this current cost of living crisis, this figure is only expected to increase.

If you as a landlord have ever had a tenant with arrears – you will also probably know that the average time to evict a tenant is around 10 months from the time they fall into two months arrears and with the average rent across the areas we cover being £870 pcm - this means that in the event your tenant can’t pay their rent, you could potentially face a loss of £8700 in rent alone – plus the legal costs associating with the eviction process.

Coupled with industry reports that 50% of tenants will have rent arrears at some point during their tenancy and the current unpredictability of life in general, we decided it was time to seek out the most water-tight rent guarantee policy on the market.
With this in mind, we are very excited to offer you our new Rent on Time service. Rent on Time simply means that we are able to pay you the full rent on time every month without fail- even if your tenant is late paying or doesn’t pay. How amazing is that! The best part?
Our new Rent on Time service is now going to be included as STANDARD in our 13% + VAT (16.2% incl. VAT) management fee…

And as if that’s not enough great news - we are offering a 2-month FREE management incentive to any new managed landlords who sign up to our new service during March. If you are already one of our current managed landlords, you will know what a great service we offer so if you are able to recommend a new managed landlord to us, we will give you two months FREE management to say thank you!

So, if you think you could benefit from our service – or know someone that could – give me a call!