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New Legislation Sees Growth In Managed Portfolio's

I have been reflecting back over the past 18 months or so since all the changes that were introduced with the Renting Homes ( Wales ) Act and one of the huge benefits that I have seen is a growth in our managed portfolio as numbers of self managing Landlords decided to instruct an agent to look after their properties.

There is no doubt that the new legislation has caught out a lot of landlords so I have been busy sorting out contracts/documentation/ Notices etc for landlords who had gotten themselves into a bit of a mess with troublesome tenants. I have successfully gone on to assist a number of these Landlords with regaining possession of their rental property.

If you are struggling with any aspect of the new legislation, contracts, Notices, Fitness for Human Habitation Regs etc. please feel free to contact me so we can have an informal discussion over a coffee and hopefully I will be able to advise you and point you in the right direction.

Martine Harris MRICS FARLA

Head of Residential Lettings